Wed 12 February. Harwich Ladies' BC made the trip to Clacton IBC. 

Clacton's team of S Johnson, A Zenna and P Feaviour scored 33 pts  Harwich Ladies scored 34 pts, wining by just the 1 point!

Clacton's team of A Smith, P Scott and P Swift won on their rink with a score of 19 pts against Harwich Ladies' score of 15 pts.

Overall Clacton IBC won with a total of 52 pts against Harwich Ladies' score of 49 pts.

Please do check out the matches coming up, ladies - on the board in our changing room..sign up and get involved!

Clacton IBC played Colchester BC an outdoor club  - Clacton proved to be the stronger team on the day with a score of 155 pts overall against Colcehster BC's  54 pts - but we all know that playing indoors is a so different to outdoors and eventually the outdoor clubs get their 'revenge' when we are invited to their clubs!

Rink 1: 37 - 5 pts; Rink 2: 14 - 16 pts; Rink 3: 22 - 10 pts; Rink 4:  37 - 6 pts; Rink 5: 221 - 9 pts; Rink 6: 24 - 8 pts.

Clacton's best rink was R1: R Seamons, R Smallbone, I Staples.  Captain of the Day : B Bartle

16 February hosted a match against Thames Sports.  Clacton IBC had a good game, winning four of the rinks - well done Clacton IBC!

Overall result Clacton IBC  133 pts Thames Sports 70 pts

R1: 17 - 21 pts; R2: 32 - 6 pts; R3: 12 - 14; R4: 25 - 7; R5: 19 - 16 pts; R6: 28 - 6 pts (special mention to my very novice daughter Kirsty - well done!)

Winning rink (at the very last moment) R2 - C Bell, D Wilson, D Worth and H Perrin.  Captain of the Day: S Hutchins

Side Note: Many thank to Lin Clarke for passing on the information for this page -  and for keeping the local newspaper updated with the club's exploits!




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